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The Flat4 Throwdown, presented by Whiteline,  is an event to find out who has the fastest flat-4 powered car around the track. We bundle the Time Trial Competition with a Show & Shine, Vendor Mid-way and a Stop-light drag race!

Flat4 Throwdown presented by Whiteline will be filled with events and vendors to make for a memorable event. Whether you are a Subaru enthusiast or just love cars in general, the Flat4 Throwdown is a great place to meet other fellow enthusiasts. It is also where you can learn from other builds and drivers who may give you direction, or ideas to inspire you to start your own build, so that can possibly participate in the next event.  AutoInterests is hosting a 3-day driving event, however, the Flat4 Throwdown will have the opportunity to join along Saturday. Join us at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex on September 3rd, 2022 for an event to be remembered  AutoInterests is a motorsports establishment aimed to educate current and future drivers to further sharpen their driver skills to prepare them for upcoming events.